Giorgio Cattelan

Six "Alice" Chairs for Emmepi Italia

Steel, Hard Leather

Italy, 1984




Societa Anonima Antonio Volpe "Dondolo" Egg Rocking Chair Model. 267, Italy, 1922

Societá Anonima Antonio Volpe

"Dondolo" Adjustable Rocking Chair

Bentwood, Vienna Straw, Lacquer

Udine, Italy, 1922




Miroslav Návratil

Armchair for Spojene UP Závody

Molded Walnut, Woven Wool

Czechslovakia, 1950s




Shiro Kuramata

"How High The Moon" Chair for Vitra

Nickel-Plated Rib Mesh

 Japan / Switzerland, 1986 to 2009




Ib Kofod Larsen

High Back Reading Chair

Teak Wood, Kvadrat fabrik

Denmark, circa, 1950



Carlo Mollino "Casa del Sole" Chair, Italy, 1953 - COMING SOON

Carlo Molino

"Casa Del Sol", Execution Ettore Canali

Oak, Brass

Brescia, Italy, ca. 1953



Danish Brutalist Dining Chairs in Solid Pine, Denmark, 1970s

Danish Design

Brutalist Dining Chairs

Pine Wood, Linton Tweeds

Denmark, 1970s



Carlo Ratti Set of Six Dining Chairs for Industria Legni Curvati, Italy, 1950s

Carlo Ratti

Dining Chairs for Industria Legni Curvati

Laminated Plywood, Vener Teak, lacquered Steel

Italy, 1950s




Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol Attr. Wicker Swivel Chair, France, circa, 1950

Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol Attr.

Swivel Chair

Rattan, lacquered Metal

France, circa, 1950




Etienne Fermigier Original Red Upholstered Lounge Chair by Airborne International, France, 1972

Etienne Fermigier

Lounge Chair for Airborne International

Metal, Foam, Synthetic Upholtery

France, 1969




Karin Mobring White lacquered Bent Wood Armchair With Original Upholstery, Sweden, circa, 1967

Karin Mobring


White Lacquered Wood, Wool Fabric

Sweden, 1960s




Casala Set of Eighteen Green Varnished Birch-Wood Dining Chairs, Austria-Germany, 1960-70s


Set of Eighteen Dining Chairs

Green Varnished Beech Wood

Germany, 1960 - 70s




Peter Ghyczy Easy Chair Model "GN2", 1969

Peter Ghyczy

Chair Model "GN2" for Reuter’s Form + Life Collection

Molded Polyurethane

W. Germany, 1969




Italian Dining Chairs, Set of Five, 1950s

Italian Design

Dining Chairs

Bent Wood, Wool Fabric

Italy, 1950s




George Nelson Coconut Chairs for Herman Miller , USA, Designed in 1955

George Nelson

"Coconut" Chairs for Herman Miller / Vitra

Lacquered Aluminium, Steel, Leather

USA, from 1955




Erich Dickmann Bauhaus Chair and Ottoman for Galenka Tyskland, Germany, 1933

Erich Dieckmann

Armchair + Ottoman for Galenka (Tyskland) DDP

Beech Wood

Bauhaus, Weimarer Republik, 1933



Ole Wanscher Model "PJ112" Mahogany and Leather Armchairs, Denmark, 1955

Ole Wanscher

Armchair Model "PJ112" by P. Jeppesen Møbelfabrik

Mahogany, Leather

Denmark, 1955


Marcel Breuer "ti 1a" Oak-Slat Chair, Bauhaus Dessau, Weimarer Republik, 1922

Marcel Breuer

Chair Model "ti 1a"

Oak Slats, Woven Cotton Fabric

Bauhaus Dessau, Weimarer Republik, 1924




Mid Century Modern Italian Ebonized Armchair Attr. to Ico Parisi, 1950s

Ico Parisi Attr.


Lacquered Wood, Mixed Fabric

Italy, 1950s




Cattelain Italia Set of Four Leather Chairs, Italy, 1970s

Giancarlo Vegni & Gianfranco Gaultierotti

Set of Four Dining Chairs for Fasem

Steel, Hard Leather

Italy, c. 1979




KFF "Karl-Friedrich Forster" "Sinus" Chair, Germany, 1980s

Karl-Friedrich Förster

Dinining Chairs

Metal, Syntethic Leather, Wood

Germany, 1980s




Brazilian Modernist Design

Lounge Chairs

Caviuna Wood, Wool Fabric

Brazil, 1950s



Luigi Colani Orbis Sofa for Cor, Germany, 1969

Luigi Colani

Modulars "Prototype" for COR

Molded Polyester Foam, Skai

Germany, 1969



Gio Ponti Chair Model "969" in Beech Wood, Edition Montina International, Italy, 1950

Gio Ponti

Chair Model "969" for Montina International

Lacquered Beech Wood, Velvet

Italy, Edition 1970



Selman Selmanagić Armchair Type 53693 for VEB Deutsch Werkstaetten Hellerau, GDR, 1957

Selman Selmanagić

Armchair type 53693, VEB Werkstätten Hellerau

Laminated Wooden Frame, Mixed Upholstery

GDR / DDR, 1957




Pietro Costantini Set of Four Black Lacquered Dining Chairs, Italy, 1970s

Pietro Costantini

Dining Chairs for Ello

Lacquered Wood, Leather

Italy, 1970s




Erich Dieckmann Pair of Bauhaus Beechwood Armchair for Galenka, Germany, 1933

Erich Dieckmann

Armchairs for Galenka (Tyskland) DDP

Beech Wood

Bauhaus, Weimarer Republik, 1933




Angel Pazmino Attr. Set of Four Brutalist Chairs in Tropical Walnut, Ecuador, 1960s

Angel Pazmino Attr.

Set of Brutalist Chairs

Cow Skin, Tropical Walnut

Ecuador, 1960s




Italian Custom Pair of Blue Velvet "Poltrone", 1960s

Italian Design

Customised Armchairs

Wood, Foam, Velvet Upholstered

Italy, 1960s




 Harp Chair by Jørgen Høvelskov, Denmark, 1968 - SOLD

Jørgen Høvelskov

Harp Chair, 1st Edition, Manu. by Jørgen Høvelskov

Ashwood, Rope

Denmark, 1963




Amsterdamse School, Pair of Unique Wicker and Massive Oak Armchairs, 1910s

Amsterdamse School

Armchairs, Students Work

Wicker, Solid Oak

The Netherlands, 1910s




Jitona Beech Plywood pair of Armchair Attr. to Jaroslav Smidek, Czechoslovakia, 1960s

Jaroslav Smidek

Armchairs for Jitona

Beech Plywood, Wool Fabric

Czechoslovakia, 1960s




Paolo Buffa Mahogany Side Chair, IItaly, 1950's

Paolo Buffa

Side Chair

Glazed Mahogany, Woven Fabric

Italy, 1950s



Axel Larsson


Braided Cord, Beechwood

Sweden, 1930s

Bruno Rey  Dining Chairs by Dietiker & Co.  Solid Birch Green Varnished, Kvadrat Wool Fabric  Switzerland, 1961

Bruno Rey

Set of Eleven Dining Chairs by Dietiker & Co.

Solid Birch Green Varnished, Kvadrat Wool Fabric

Switzerland, 1961




Jan Vaněk Armchair for UP Závody, Czechoslovakia, 1930s

Jan Vaněk

Armchair for UP Závody

Bentwood, Woven Cotton

Czechoslovakia, 1930s




Joaquim Tenreiro Chaise Longe in Rosewood, Brazil, 1940s

Joaquim Tenreiro

Adjustable "Chaise Longue" for Tenreiro Moveis

Rosewood, Cane, Cotton Fabric

Brazil, 1947




Ron Arad Well Tempered Chair made of stainless steel for Vitra , Switzerland, 1968

Ron Arad

"Well Tempered Chair" for Vitra

Stainless Steel

Switzerland, 1986




French Bamboo Brass Rocking chair Attr. to Maison Jansen, 1970

French Design

Rocking Chair, Unknown Designer/Manufacturer

Bamboo, Rattan, Leather

France, 1970s



De Puydt, Set of Four Oak Brutalist Chairs, Belgium, circa, 1970

De Puydt

Brutalis Dining Chairs


Belgium, circa, 1970



Yngve Ekström "Lamino" Lounge Chairs in Molded Plywood and Leather for Swedese, Sweden, 1950

Yngve Ekström

Armchair "Lamino"

Bent Molded Plywood, Walnut, Leather

Sweden, 1950s



Airborne International "Space Age" Fiberglass and Corduroy Lounge Chairs, France, 1968

Airborne International


Fiberglass, Corduroy

France, 1968




Alfred Christensen Set of Three Armchairs, Denmark, 1940s

Alfred Christensen


Varnished Oak, Wool Upholstered

Denmark, 1940s




Hans J. Wegner Set of Six PP66 Designed in 1943 for PP Møbler, Denmark

Hans J. Wegner

Set of Six PP66 "China Chair" for PP Møbler

Oak, Mahogany, Leather "Rare" Edition

Denmark, From 1945




Ernst Möeckl Set of Six "Z" Chair for Trabant, GDR / DDR, 1968

Ernst Möeck

"Z" or "Kangaroo" Chairs, Manu. by Trabant

Lacquered Polycarbonat Shell

GDR / DDR, 1968




Hartmut Lohmeyer Walnut Dining Chairs for Wilkhahn Modell 476 A, W. Germany, 1960s

Hartmut Lohmeyer

Dining Chair Model "476" for Wilkhahan A.W:

Walnut, Kvdrat "Hallingdal 65"Upholtery

Germany, 1960s




Jean Maneval Polycarbonat Foam Lounge Chairs, 1968-69

Jean Maneval

Lounge Chairs

Methacrylate, Polyester, Curdoroy

France, 1969




Set of six "Rey-Stuhl" by Bruno Rey for Dieteker, Switzerland, 1971

Bruno Rey

Set of 6 "Rey Chairs Model 3300" by Dietiker

Ebonized Beechwood, Leather

Switzerland, 1971




German Avant Garde Double Side chair Attr. to Karl Friedrich Förster , 1980s

German Avant-Garde

Double Side-Chairs

Lacquered Metal, Leather

Germany, 1980s




Erich Dieckmann Bauhaus Beechwood Armchair for Galenka, 1933

Erich Dieckmann

Armchairs for Galenka (Tyskland) DDP

Beech Wood

Bauhaus, Weimarer Republik, 1933



Bamboo Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Bonacina, Italy, 1960s


Lounge Chair + Ottoman

Bamboo, Foam, Corduroy

Italy, 1960s