Frantisek Zemek Set of Three Rhapsody Vases for Sklarna Mstisov 1960s

The Mstisov glass works, was founded in 1868 by F. Fischmann & Sons. At first they made glass rods for the jewellery industry, and later expanded into tableware. Frantisek Zemek became chief designer in the 1950's, and was probably best known for his 'Rhapsody' and 'Romana' ranges of glass bowls and vases. Mstisov became part of the Borske Sklo National Corporation in 1958.

This heavy bowl is made of colorful metallurgical glass.

H: 27cm x D: 7cm


Price for the setr of three


set of three Frantisek Zemek Rhapsody Vases for Sklarna Mstisov 1960s

380,00 €

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