Piovesan & Napier

When Giuseppe Piovesan and Robert James Napier decided to unite his professional experiences to launche P&N Modern basing on his own personal vision and taste, their love for objects of art and interiors. Blending with harmony cinema, historical and contemporary art and design, architecture, and fashion. Basing P&N Modern in Berlin in 2017, a young cosmopolitan city that doesn't stop evolving.

Our priority is given to vintage, and why vintage?


-Recycling is helping the environment


-An aspirational luxury with exceptional value


-Treasured designers and timeless pieces


-Competitive Deals


-Products that are no longer manufactured


-Each item is unique and has its own history


Such as: Objects confectioned from noble materials and high standards. We maintain handcrafted pieces, mostly numbered and limited production and signed pieces or if such are made by Noble materials and elegant form to stand up and speak for itself. A selection from decorative arts, paintings to ceramics and tiles…Tiles which in the near future shall be produced by ourselves over a range of selected  artists and manufactures.


Giuseppe Piovesan

Graduated in fine arts at HDK Berlin and Ecole Superiore des Beaux-Arts de Paris,

Graduated in furniture design, graduated advertiser, and participant of Sao Paulo Biennale 1983.

Member of "La Chambre Royale des Antiquaires de Belgique".

Interior concept for Comme des Garçons and Undercover Antwerpen (franchise) 2004.

Owned a 20th century Show-Room Gallery in Brussels during 1997-2010    






... everyone is unique. We search worldwide for vintage objects and one-of-a-kind contemporary pieces .


everyone is unique.

… in searching the world for your one-of-a-kind vintage and contemporary object.

... in priceless gifts. Embellish your life with fine materials. Surround yourself with beautiful things.

... you only have one life!

... that beauty should be affordable for everyone.

... in sustainable resources for future generations.



 ... low-quality mass production.

… economical exploitation.
... furniture without personality.

… synthetic waste that contributes to irreparable environmental damage.
... products manufactured for the short-term.



 ... is to see the turn against mass consumption of wasteful products.

… draws the focus to small-batch production of vintage and handcrafted pieces.

… recognizes the need to support specialist designers of beautiful objects and clothing, both past and present

... supports real values!


 Is in to a near future bring together a large variety of different creative minds to build one of the most stunning and individual global networks of makers, producers and creators, upgrading to an online and printed magazine.

Never forget where the inspiration came from, keeping the impact of the pioneers of creation from last century which influenced and still is influencing our present.