Italian handcrafted gilded wrought iron coffee table, 1960s italian work, pnmodern

Italian Gilded Wrought Iron Coffee Table, 1960s

Italian wrought gilt iron coffee table with 1cm thick glass top. In very good vintage condition with a beautiful natural patina. Glass top showing slight traces of use.


H: 37cm x Top DIA: 102cm



“Wrought iron” actually means that the metal has been heated and then hand-forged with tools. Most of today’s iron, by contrast, is “cast iron” which has been melted and then poured into a mold to harden and cut. That explains why craftsmen are able to shape real wrought iron into the intricate designs associated with the name, and why the finished product is considerably stronger. It’s also why wrought iron is usually "more expensive".


Italian Gilded Wrought Iron Coffee Table, 1960s

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